CanariasGay Creating an Adventure

We have all spent a lot of time indoors. It is now time to be out and about! We want you to design a week-trip around the Canary Islands where you will only need to bring yourself and a pair of sunglasses; we will take care of all the rest!
The offer is limited to a maximum of 8 guys per week and we will cover sites such as islands we have, navegations areas, different caves…

Creating an Adventure is our offer for all those who have already sailor-skills but maybe they are a bit out of practice, for those not experience and want to learn, or for those well experienced and want to take the wheel by themselves. The plan of the week that we designed will be a direction only; it will be the team together to design the actual adventure supported by the expertise of the Captain. This will be a mixture of learning, exercise, sail and trekking. There will be days on the sea but if they also want, days on the ground! 

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