About us

Our journey started in April 2012 trying to create funny escape in Spain in support of the gay community, doing our own personalised experiences and keeping our people in a safe environment.

 We want out clients to feel at home but also safe. We provide a cool space, funny sailors and we work with you to ensure an unforgettable trip. 

We really invite you to check all the reviews that you can find of our services on Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook. We prefer our clients to speak for us!

Starting from Canary Islands where we are for most part of the year except for Summer where we are moving to Balearics Islands, here a couple of info about the south of Gran Canaria. This is the most gay-friendly área of all Canary Islands and one of the most visited areas by members of the LGBTQ+ of all Europe for the entire part of the year. 

In Canary Islands we recommend to rent the boat for the whole day: usually we rent it for 7 hours, recommending locations to visit in order to help you building your experience in the most complete way possible. This option is a very good opportunity to enjoy fully the fantastic weather, the nature, the sea, the beach, work on your tan but also it is the best way to see a different side of the island. 

 The adventure always starts and end from Mogan port, where the yacht is parked. 


Our best multi-days option is a one-week sailing trip around multiple Canary Islands. This package is the best fit for experienced sailors and people ready for a challenge: discover beaches unreachable from the land, sail with dolphins, look for peaceful and  places uninhabited.

We prefer to bespoke our experiences, hence we always love to have a chat with you in order to provide the best trip you may ever think of. 

We are going to take care of you for the entire trip and we will keep you entertained thank to the beautiful coast of the Canary Islands.

If this is what you are up for, we will give you the opportunity to truly understand the life of a sailor. You will be shown how sailors collaborate with each others.